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Transfer RNA (tRNA)

Transfer RNA (tRNA)

Discovering DNA
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Transfer RNA (tRNA) is one of the most ancient biological molecules due to its central role in protein synthesis. Your students will gain a new appreciation and understanding for this molecule after using this unique set.

Students make tRNA out of the colourful high quality parts. By building tRNA from the complete real RNA sequence, your students will see how the primary and secondary structure are made. They can test their knowledge of the genetic code by swapping bases in the anticodon, they will find out about tRNAs role in HIV infection and learn how tRNA is used in evolutionary studies.

What are Genetic Puzzles?

For use with 4 student groups.

Time required: 30 minutes.

Dimensions: 90 x 75 cm.

All components are reusable. Includes full instructions and lesson plan.