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  • Monkeypox virus model out now!

    Check out our latest model of the monkeypox virus that has recently caused a global outbreak! Great to compare and contract with our other virus mo...
  • NEW Edvotek vaccine development kit out now!

    Edvotek's latest kit teaches your class how vaccines are developed. Check it out here.
  • NEW Edvotek COVID-19 kits out now!

    Edvotek have produced 3 new kits on testing for coronavirus using nucleic acids, RT-PCR and ELISA.
  • Coronavirus model out now

    We've just launched our model of the coronavirus that is causing the present outbreak of coronavirus disease. A great way to bring science in the ...
  • Open evening ideas!

    If you are looking for something fun to do on an open evening for prospective students and their families why not try one of these ideas? Our dye ...
  • Show how Huntington's disease is tested for with our new kit

    Our new Biotech Basics kit uses electrophoresis to show how genetic tests are carried out and the ethical dilemmas that can raise. Click for more.
  • Check out the latest range of Edvotek kits!

    We are pleased to offer the complete range of Edvotek's kits and equipment. Just get in touch if you need some advice on what you need for your cla...
  • DNA electrophoresis is cool with our kits!

    teach DNA electrophoresis with our easy to use range of Edvotek kits! Click for more.
  • What are Revisomatics?

    Revisomatics are a fun way to revise biology. Students can use them to test themselves or their classmates about a topic by asking each other quest...
  • Bring your biotech lessons to life!

    Our exciting biotech kits and equipment give you lots of ideas for how to make DNA exciting! Click for more.
  • Bring Origami into your science lessons!

    Origami Organelles are downloadable paper models you can print and make again and again. Making the model helps your students see the science more ...
  • Check out our new website!

    Our new Discovering DNA website is here! Check out our latest products and news here!