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What Are Genetic Puzzles?

Genetic Puzzles are a new concept for teaching genetics and molecular biology. With our innovative class sets, students carry out a simulation of a DNA technique or process by building it from colourful molymod® miniDNA® components themselves.

Our accurately scaled representations using the real DNA sequence allow your students to make a link between details of the DNA sequence and higher order features such as genes or promoters.

The basic unit of Genetic Puzzles - the base pair:

Key points:

  • Better understanding of DNA concepts.
  • Shows links between apparently unconnected concepts.
  • Hands-on and colourful so engaging to students.
  • Self guided learning possible so students can repeat or revise at their own pace.
  • Students see the importance of DNA sequence.
  • Accurate - uses real DNA sequence & developed by PhD molecular biologists.
  • Fully reuseable high quality molymod® miniDNA® components.
  • Free powerpoints provided saving you preparation time.
  • Fast way of covering topics saving you valuable teaching time.
  • Can be used in non-lab environment like classroom or tutorial room.
  • Easily linked to practical lab work.

All sets include: full instructions, background information and lesson plans.

More about molymod® miniDNA®

Component molymod® and miniDNA® pieces made in England and designed by Spiring Enterprises Limited. UK Design Registration Number: 3008520 United States Design Patent No. US D526,684 S Community Design Registration numbers: 000032446 & 000101621. molymod® and miniDNA® are registered trade marks owned by Spiring Enterprises Limited.

Manuals, teaching guides, images and Powerpoint files are copyright © Discovering DNA Ltd.

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