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biochemistry of vision origami organelle
biochemistry of vision origami organelle

Biochemistry of Vision

Origami Organelles
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Show your students how the eye converts light to nerve impulses.

The eyes are called the window to the soul and with our amazing model your students will learn how vision actually works by converting light into nerve impulses.

Your students will make a model of the biochemical pathway that starts with a single photon detected by rhodopsin and follow through the steps that convert this into a nerve impulse. It covers rhodopsin, transducin, cyclic GMP as a second messenger, phosphodiesterase, guanylyl cyclase and protein structure.

What are Origami Organelles?

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes about 30 minutes to make. Dimensions: 46cm x 21cm/18in x 8in.

Download includes: instructions, model templates, and Powerpoint file.

All you need: paper, scissors, tape.

Origami Organelles are downloadable paper models that you print and make as many time as you like! When you purchase a model, you are licensed for unlimited use on a single site or campus.