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Incredible immune system parts
Helper T cell and phagocyte

Immune System

Origami Organelles
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Make the immune system easy to understand!

This innovative model gives students an understanding of the cellular interactions of the immune system.

Students make models of helper T cells, cytotoxic T cells, B cells, plasma cells, antibodies, cytokines, memory cells and phagocytes. The learning activity then shows students how these immune cells interact to protect us from pathogens.

It covers key concepts including: innate immunity, adaptive immunity, immunological memory, clonal expansion, antigen specificity, antigen presentation and MHC.

What are Origami Organelles?

Takes just 30 minutes! Dimensions: T cells and B cells: 6 cm/2in diameter.

Download includes: instructions, mono & colour model templates and classroom Powerpoint presentation.

All you need: paper, scissors, tape.

Origami Organelles are downloadable paper models that you print and make as many time as you like! When you purchase a model, you are licensed for unlimited use on a single site or campus.