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DNA replication genetic puzzle

DNA Replication

Discovering DNA
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This colourful model will teach your students about DNA replication!

With this high quality plastic model, your class will carry out DNA replication with a DNA template. They make the replication fork and using RNA primers to see the difference between the leading and lagging strands. The role of DNA polymerase and other enzymes will be explained. The semi-conservative nature of DNA replication will be highlighted.

Optionally, you can use it to model proof reading and Meselson and Struhle's experiments.

The set provides enough materials to carry out the lesson with a whole class working as 6 groups sharing 3 replication forks.

What are Genetic Puzzles?

Suitable for 6 groups of students.

Time required: 25 minutes.

All components are reusable. Includes full instructions.