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respiratory system origami organelle
respiratory system origami organelle
respiratory system origami organelle

Respiratory System

Origami Organelles
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Show your class the respiratory system clearly with our 3D model!

Large organisms need a complex respiratory system to provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Show the main features of this system with our working model.

Buy once, print forever!

First, students make models of the respiratory system out of the colourful parts. Then they use them to look at how this vital system works and look at its structure. The lungs can be squeezed to show what happens when we breathe in and out!

The model covers: lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, pleural membranes, diaphragm, intercostal muscles, larynx and alveoli.

Includes colourful class Powerpoint!

Takes just 30 minutes!

Dimensions (lungs): 12cm x 9cm / 5in x 3.5in

Download includes: instructions, templates and classroom Powerpoint presentation.

All you need: paper, scissors, tape.