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Eukaryotic Cell Biology - Edvotek 1001  Edit alt text
Eukaryotic Cell Biology - Edvotek 1001

Eukaryotic Cell Biology - Edvotek 1001

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Cell Culture is a vital technology used in life science research and in biotechnology laboratories. The study of basic cell biology, diseases and cancer, the development and testing of new therapeutics, and the production of new drugs relies on using the techniques introduced in this experiment.

Students will learn how to grow eukaryotic cells in culture, basic cell staining and how to count cells. The techniques used in these experiments will provide the student with a skill set desired in both academic research and industry.

Kit contains LIVE materials which must be requested 3 weeks prior to day of the lesson. Culturing of cells is required upon receipt. Additional medium may be required if culturing of cells or if the experiment is not performed within three days upon receipt.

Kit includes: Instructions, growth media, practice media, flasks, Giemsa stain, Trypan blue dye, sterile T25 flasks, sterile culture dishes, sterile large pipettes, small pipets, cell counting chambers, Sf9 insect cells.

All you need: Microscope, Spray bottle with 70% ethanol or methanol, pipet bulb or pipet controller.

Time required:

Basic Cell Culture Techniques - 30 minutes
Examination of Insect Cell Cultures - 30 minutes
Maintenance of Insect Cell Cultures - 1 hour
Cell Viability Using Trypan Blue - 30 minutes
Differential Staining Using Giemsa Stain - Overnight

For 6 student groups.