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single dry block bath
dry block bath 24 x 1.5ml block
digital dry block baths

Digital Dry Block Bath with single 24 x 1.5ml tube block

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Our single Digital Dry bath incubator provide a broad temperature range up to 150C, which makes it useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories.

They have been designed to incorporate the best combination of features including block capacity, dual displays, and an external temperature probe that gives life science researchers the confidence and efficiency they need when working with precious samples.

Single block Digital Dry Bath product features include:

  • Single aluminium block for 24 x 1.5ml microtubes
  • Dual display
  • USB connectivity enables traceability of data
  • Moulded block chamber
Dimensions:  21 x 29 x 12 cm