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Edvotek 515 Hexagel Electrophoresis Tank

Hexagel Electrophoresis Tank - Edvotek 515

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DNA electrophoresis for your whole class with just a single gel tank! Six groups of students can load their own individual gels and the six gels are run together in 20 - 30 minutes giving excellent results! Eliminate cumbersome gel tray taping and pour gels quickly and easily with our innovative GelCaps.

Six 7 x 7 cm trays, six 6 tooth combs; twelve GelCaps; tank dimensions 28 x 33 x 12 cm For six student groups.

• Sleek New Design Speeds Electrophoresis
• Contoured Lid for Enhanced Gel Visualization
• Large Color Coded Push Tabs for Easy Lid Insertion & Removal
• Pour Spout for Buffer Disposal
• Improved Ventilation Reduces Lid Condensation
• User Replaceable Electrodes
• Reverse Compatible with Previous Edvotek Accessories
• US Design Patent No. D749,235
• Lifetime warranty