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Edvotek 272 Immunoelectrophoresis

272 Immunoelectrophoresis

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Learn how immunoelectrophoresis identifies proteins based on their combined electrophoretic and immunological properties. This method is useful to monitor antigen and antigen-antibody purity and to identify a single antigen in a mixture of antigens. In this experiment, serum proteins are separated by agarose gel electrophoresis and the point of equivalence is observed by the antigen-antibody complex formation.

For 10 student separations.

Time required: electrophoresis 1 hour and overnight incubation.

Kit includes: instructions, proteins, antibodies; reagents, agarose, buffer, transfer pipettes, well cutters, paper wicks.

All you need: horizontal electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, adjustable micropipettes with tips, waterbath, microwave or hot plate, incubation oven, laboratory glassware, microscope slides, paper towels, distilled water.