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Edvotek 221 Transformation of E. coli with pGAL™ (Blue Colony)™

Transformation of E. coli with pGAL™ (Blue Colony) - Edvotek 221

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In this Edvotek experiment, your students will develop an understanding of bacterial transformation by plasmid DNA by introducing an opportunity to observe an acquired phenotypic trait of the transformed bacterial cells. The presence of blue bacterial colonies visually demonstrates the expression of a specific gene for the Lac+ phenotype.

No IPTG used in this experiment.

For 10 student groups.

Time required: 50 minutes and grow overnight.

Kit includes: instructions, BactoBeads™, plasmid DNA, buffer, media, ampicillin, X-Gal, ReadyPour™ agar, petri dishes, sterile pipettes, loops and microtubes.

All you need: automatic micropipet (5-50µl) and tips, two water baths (37˚C and 42˚C), incubation oven, thermometer, pipet pumps or bulbs, ice, marking pens, bunsen burner, hot plate or microwave oven, and hot gloves.