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Forensics Blood Typing - Edvotek 191

Forensics Blood Typing - Edvotek 191

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This objective of this Edvotek experiment is to introduce students to some of the techniques used by forensics scientists for analysing blood. The students first check for the presence of blood typing using the phenolphthalein test. Then the students will apply the concept of blood type-based screening for potential suspect(s) present at a crime scene.

Kit includes: instructions, control ABO simulated blood samples, simulated crime scene, and suspect blood samples, anti-A and anti-B serums, blood detection stock solutions, transfer pipettes, microtitre plates, tubes, filter paper, cotton swab.

All you need: 95-100% ethanol, distilled water. Optional: adjustable micropipette (5-50 µl).

For 10 groups of students.

Time required: 50 minutes