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Edvotek 121 Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms

Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms - Edvotek 121

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For centuries, humans have used selective breeding and conventional hybridization to produce desirable qualities and to increase crop yields. Today, scientists use genetic engineering to directly manipulate the DNA, quickly producing these desirable traits.

In this Edvotek experiment, students will use agarose gel electrophoresis to explore the molecular methods used by scientists to identify genetically modified organisms. No thermal cycler is required. Students are also encouraged to explore the controversy surrounding the use of genetically modified organisms.

Kit includes: instructions, ready to load DNA samples, agarose powder, practice gel loading solution, electrophoresis buffer, DNA stain and fine tipped transfer pipettes.

All you need: electrophoresis equipment and micropipettes.

Time required: 60 minutes.

For 8 Gels.