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Zika Virus Origami Organelles model open to show genome

Zika Virus

Origami Organelles
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Teach the structure of Zika virus with our paper model.

Our downloadable model enables your students to make a model of the Zika virus. The model can be used to look at Zika's life cycle and compare it to other viruses such as HIV and coronavirus. 

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Your students first make their model out of the colourful parts. Then they look at Zika's structure and how this relates to its life cycle. The model covers the protein capsid, lipid envelope, RNA genome and attachment proteins.

Time takes about 30 minutes. Dimensions: 11cm/4in diameter.

Includes full colour Powerpoint classroom presentation.

Download includes: instructions, templates and Powerpoint file.

All you need: paper, scissors and tape.