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transcription origami organelle
transcription origami organelle
transcription origami organelle


Origami Organelles
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A great way to teach transcription!

Transcription is how the genetic information stored as DNA in the nucleus is copied into RNA so it can be used to make proteins.

Your students will make a model of a DNA template and transcribe it into messenger RNA (mRNA).

Download and print as many times as you want - forever at no extra cost!

The model covers the role of promoters, transcription factors, and RNA polymeraseRNA processing is also covered including RNA splicing, exons, introns, poly-A-tail and 5' cap.

This colourful model shows transcription in a clear way.

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes about 30 minutes. Dimensions: 64cm x 26cm/25in x 10in.

Download includes: instructions, model templates, and Powerpoint file.

All you need: paper, scissors, tape.