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pathogens origami organelle
pathogens origami organelle


Origami Organelles
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Teach pathogens with our easy to make model!

Pathogens come in all shapes and sizes from the coronavirus causing the pandemic to the parasite that causes malaria. Our model shows examples of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, protists and fungi.

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First, students make their colourful models of viral, bacterial, protist and fungal pathogens.

Then your students use their models to learn about how pathogens make us ill, their life cycles, how we treat them and the differences between them. The model includes: coronavirus, HIV, measles, Salmonella, cholera, Helicobacter, gonorrhoea, malaria and rose black spot.

Includes colourful class Powerpoint!

Takes just 30 minutes!

Dimensions: HIV model diameter: 7cm/2.5in.

Download includes: instructions, templates and classroom Powerpoint presentation.

All you need: paper, scissors, tape.