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controlling blood glucose origami organlelle
controlling blood glucose origami organlelle

Controlling Blood Glucose

Origami Organelles
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Show how our blood glucose levels are controlled and what happens in diabetes.

Blood glucose level is carefully controlled as it is vital for our cells to work correctly. This is an important aspect of maintaining constant conditions in our bodies (homeostasis). Our model shows how the hormones insulin and glucagon control the blood glucose level and what happens when it goes wrong in diabetes.

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Perfect for use in class or for distance learning at home!

After making their models, your class will look at how the pancreas secretes insulin and glucagon to keep the blood glucose level constant. Show how the liver, muscles and other cells take up excess glucose or release it depending on the situation. The model covers: insulin, glucagon, pancreas, role of liver, role of muscles, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes about 20 minutes! Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm/ 12in x 6in.

Download includes: instructions, colour & mono model templates, and Powerpoint presentation.

All you need: paper, scissors and tape.