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chromosomes origami organelle


Origami Organelles
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A great way to introduce chromosomes, genes and DNA!

Your students will enjoy learning about the relationship between chromosomes, genes and DNA with our model. First they make their models of maternal and paternal chromosomes and a cell nucleus.

Then they will look at how chromosomes are stored in the nucleus and that they have a copy of each chromosome from their mother and father.

Next, they will look at how chromosomes are made of long strands of DNA that are coiled very tightly around proteins.

Lastly, will next see the relationship between chromosomes and genes. They will see how genes are stored in DNA and look at how chromosomes can carry different versions of a gene. such as for eye colour.

Buy once, print forever!

Cover chromosome structure, DNA, genes, alleles, maternal and paternal chromosomes.

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes just 20 minutes! Dimensions: chromosomes: 9.5cm/3.5in long.

Download includes: instructions, colour & mono model templates, and Powerpoint file

All you need: paper, scissors and tape.