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Awesome antibody Origami Organelle model


Origami Organelles
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A new way to teach antibody structure and function!

The antibody is a remarkable weapon of the immune system. Now your students can make their very own model of an antibody complete with antigen!

A great way to cover antibody structure and humoral immunity. Light chain, heavy chain, globular domains and antigen binding site are all modeled. Form an immune complex with all of the antibodies and antigens in the class! You can also review tertiary and quaternary protein structure.

Your students will make a model of an antibody and an antigen.

What are Origami Organelles?

Includes full colour Powerpoint class presentation!

Takes just 20 minutes! Dimensions: length 17cm/7in.

Download includes: instructions, mono and colour model templates and class Powerpoint.

All you need:  paper, scissors, tape.

Origami Organelles are downloadable paper models that you print and make as many time as you like! When you purchase a model, you are licensed for unlimited use on a single site or campus.