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Edvotek 957 DNA Damage & Repair

Blinded by the Light: UV Rays and DNA Damage - Edvotek 957

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According to the World Health Organization, between 2 and 3 million cases of skin cancer occur globally every year. Many of these cancers are caused by preventable damage to DNA by UV light during sunbathing. In this experiment, students directly observe the effects of UV light on DNA. Students will run a time series test comparing UV exposed plasmid samples and examine their results using electrophoresis. The ability of various sunscreens to prevent DNA damage can also be tested.

Kit includes: Instructions, standard DNA fragments, plasmid DNA, gel loading solution, agarose, electrophoresis buffer, 1 ml pipet, microtest tubes, SYBR® Safe Stain.

All you need: Horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, automatic micropipettes and tips, microwave, hot plate, or burner, water bath (65˚C), UV transilluminator (300 nm wavelength or shorter), UV photodocumentation system (optional), gloves and UV safety goggles, pipet pump or bulbs, 250 ml flasks, hot gloves, marking pens, distilled or deionized water, ice, sunscreen (optional), plastic wrap (optional).

For 10 groups of students.

Time required: 2 hours.