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304 The Future of Biofuels - Alcohol Fermentation

The Future of Biofuels - Alcohol Fermentation - Edvotek 304

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Ethanol fermentation is the most common method for biofuel production worldwide. In this Edvotek experiment, students will use small-scale flask fermenters to quantify ethanol production and sugar utilization by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. By controlling variables such as temperature and aeration, the students can compare the efficiency of the fermentations over a three day experiment.

Kit includes: instructions, Yeast MicroBead, yeast growth media concentrate, glucose concentrate, ampicillin, yeast growth media, 10% glucose solution, Benedict's Reagents, transfer pipets, snap top microcentrifuge tubes, screw top microcentrifuge tubes, pH paper, hydrometer, 50 ml and 15 ml centrifuge tubes.

All you need: stir plate and stir bars, thermometer, graduated cylinders, Erlenmeyer flasks, 70% ethanol, distilled water, waterbath (99˚C), air pump (optional), autoclave or oven (optional), centrifuge (optional), spectrophotometer (optional).

Time required: 5-6 hours.

For 5 groups of students.