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279 Investigating Human Health Using the ELISA

Investigating Human Health Using the ELISA - Edvotek 279

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In this Edvotek experiment, students will perform an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to examine the impact of this powerful test on human health. Antibodies will be used to detect minuscule amounts of antigens and determine the status of simulated samples.

Three different scenarios can be explored, including pregnancy testing, early detection of heart attacks, and identification of gluten in food products.

For 10 groups of students.

Time required: 50 minutes.

Kit includes: Instructions, 10X ELISA wash buffer, ELISA dilution buffer, antigen (lyophilized), primary antibody (lyophilized), secondary antibody (lyophilized), ABTS substrate (lyophilized), & ABTS reaction buffer, small transfer pipets, microtiter plate, 15 mL conical tubes, & snap-top microcentrifuge tubes.

All you need: Automatic micropipettes with tips (recommended), paper towels, distilled or deionized water, beakers or flasks, disposable lab gloves, & safety goggles.