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273 Radial Immunodiffusion

Radial Immunodiffusion - Edvotek 273

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Radial immunodiffusion quantitatively determines the level of an antigen. In this Edvotek kit, antibody is incorporated into liquefied agar and allowed to gel. The antigen is added to small wells and radiates throughout the antibody-containing medium, leaving a precipitate throughout the gel. The amount of diffusion is quantified.

For 10 student groups 6 reactions each.

Timing required: incubation overnight

Kit includes: instructions, antigen and antibody, Petri plates, pipettes, well cutters, agarose, buffer, microtubes.

All you need: adjustable micropipettes with tips, waterbath, microwave or hot plate, incubation oven, laboratory glassware, pipette pumps or bulbs, rulers, paper towels, distilled water.