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Edvotek 120 DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing - Edvotek 120

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Introduce your students to the exciting science of DNA Sequencing. This Edvotek kit contains the four Ready-to-Load sequenced DNAs (nucleotides A, C, G, & T) in an easy to use, safe format. Students load the four separate reactions into agarose gels, run the gels, stain them, and actually read the DNA sequence.

This experiment can be used to introduce genome concepts and help your students gain a better understanding of the science behind DNA sequencing.

Kit includes: instructions, ready to load DNA samples, agarose powder, practice gel loading solution, electrophoresis buffer, DNA stain and fine tipped transfer pipettes.

All you need: electrophoresis equipment and micropipettes.

Time required: 60 minutes.

For 8 Gels.