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Edvotek 209 Exploring the Infectious Nature of Viruses

209 Exploring the Infectious Nature of Viruses

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Although bacterial viruses, or bacteriophages, are present in many natural environments, they cannot survive autonomously. They require a host cell to reproduce and survive. In this experiment, students will learn about the different life cycles of bacterial viruses. They will then perform a viral plaque assay to indirectly visualize the viruses and to determine viral titer and multiplicity of infection (MOI).

Kit Includes: instructions, cells, phage beads, Ready-Pour Agar, COLORTOP Agar, microtest tubes, sterile loops, petri plates, luria broth, PBS.

All you need: 37C incubation oven, waterbath, adjustable micropipettes with tips.

For 10 student groups.

Time required: 2 hours.