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micropate incubator

Microplate Incubator

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Specifically designed for use with microplates and petri dishes.

  • Laminar flow air circulation provides even temperature distribution
  • Built-in water tray prevents samples from drying out
  • Door opens upwards for easy access to the interior

Stuart incubator uses forced air circulation to blow preheated air across the shelves for excellent temperature distribution. In conventional incubators, microplates often block the air circulation resulting in uneven temperature in the chamber.

A water tray at the bottom of the incubator lets you increase the humidity within the chamber to prevent microplates from drying out. Quickly set and view the temperature on the bright LED display. Easily access the interior with the upwards opening acrylic door.

The stainless steel chamber features four shelves each accommodating 6 plates (or 12 stacked in two layers). Shelves slide out for easy loading.

Dimensions: D 38 x H 43.5 x W 38cm