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BB005 Biotech Basics - Give Peas a Chance

BB005R Give Peas a Chance REFILL

Discovering DNA
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Can your class save the peas? In this scenario, they will test 5 different fields of peas to see if they are infected with a devastating plant pathogen using PCR.

Tests that look for the presence or absence of a DNA band must have an internal control to check the test has worked. A test for a constantly expressed “housekeeping” gene must be included.

Show how PCR can detect pathogens, electrophoresis and the importance of using a control in experiments.

Developed in partnership with Dr Phil Smith, Teacher Scientist Network, Norwich, UK

Dye refill contents: instructions and DYE SAMPLES ONLY.

Complete kit also available: Click for details.

All you need: electrophoresis tank, power supply, fixed volume or adjustable 40ul micropipette and tips.

Time required: 45 minutes.

For 12 gels.