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930 edvotek
edvotek 930 kit
edvotek 930 kit
edvotek 930 kit

930 Invisible Footprints: Seeing Carbon Dioxide and Understanding Climate Change - Edvotek

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What would happen if each person was in charge of their own personal atmosphere? In this colourful Edvotek experiment, students actually are! Explore the global carbon cycle and climate change in a simple, positive, and intimate way. Ideal for the middle school classroom.

Kit includes: Instructions, atmosphere powder, CO2 e powder, colour change solution, mitigation solution, conical tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, transfer pipettes, carbon footprint questions, & carbon handprint actions.

All you need: Distilled Water and three beakers, flasks, or cups.

Time required: Complete in 1 week (1-1.5 hours total lab time)

For 20 students.