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381 Break Through! Testing DNA Damage Using Quantitative PCR

Break Through! Testing DNA Damage Using Quantitative PCR - Edvotek 381

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The integrity and stability of DNA is essential to life. However, every day this molecule is under assault from environmental stressors like UV radiation, mutagenic chemicals, and even normal metabolic processes.

In this guided inquiry lab students will use the cutting edge technology of qPCR to investigate and quantify DNA damage due to physical (UV radiation) or chemical (DNAseI) disruptions. By designing and performing the experiments students will master advanced analytical and technical skills as well as deepen their understanding of key molecular biology and medical concepts.

*** Please note this kit must be used with a Real Time Thermal Cycler ***

Kit includes: instructions, qPCR master mix with fluorescent dye, LyphoPrimer™ mix, LyphoTemplate™ DNA, Ultra-Pure water, DNA dilution buffer, Lypho DNAs I enzyme, enzyme dilution buffer, snap-top tubes, qPCR tubes, & 15 mL conical tube.

All you need: qPCR Thermal Cycler, microcentrifuge, micropipettes, disposable gloves, ice buckets and ice, electronic devices, two incubators or water baths, UV transilluminator, timers, & 10% bleach solution.

Time required: DNA Damage - 45 minutes, qPCR setup 45 mins, qPCR - 90 minutes, electrophoresis - 60 minutes, staining - 5 minutes to overnight, analysis - 45 minutes

For 4 groups of students