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Edvotek 338 Exploring Plant Diversity with DNA Barcoding
Edvotek 338 Exploring Plant Diversity with DNA Barcoding

Exploring Plant Diversity with DNA Barcoding - Edvotek 338

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In this inquiry-based lab, your class will explore the genetic diversity of ten selected plants. Students will isolate plant DNA and use PCR to amplify two polymorphic regions of the chloroplast genome. Digestion of PCR products and analysis by agarose gel electrophoresis will then be used to generate unique identification profiles for each plant.

For 10 groups of students.

Time required: extraction 2 hours, PCR set up 10 minutes, PCR 2 hours, DNA digest 60 minutes, electrophoresis 60 minutes, staining 5 minutes to overnight.

Kit Includes: Instructions, PCR EdvoBeads™, Primer G Mix Concentrate, Primer LP Mix Concentrate, EdvoQuick™ DNA Ladder, Control DNA Concentrate, TE Buffer, Proteinase K, NaCl Solution, DNA Extraction Buffer, Restriction Enzyme Reaction Buffer, Restriction Enzyme Dilution Buffer, AluI Restriction Enzyme, UltraSpec-Agarose™, 10X Gel Loading Solution, 50X Electrophoresis Buffer, InstaStain™ Ethidium Bromide, FlashBlue™ Liquid Stain, Micropestles, Microcentrifuge & PCR Tubes, & Wax Beads.

All you need: DNA Electrophoresis, Thermal Cycler, Micropipets: 5-50 µl, UV or Blue Light Transilluminator, White Light Box (optional), (2) Water Baths, Microcentrifuge & Microwave or Hot plate, Scissors or Hole Punch, & Isopropanol.