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Edvotek 111  Electrophoretic Properties of Native Proteins (Agarose-based)

Electrophoretic Properties of Native Proteins (Agarose-based) - Edvotek 111

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Proteins are complex biomolecules with varying charge, size and shape that can be analysed by agarose gel electrophoresis. Gel analysis of native proteins with this Edvotek kit enables students to evaluate natural charge and shape characteristics of proteins. Following electrophoresis, the protein samples are stained for visualisation.

For 6 student groups.

Time required: gel preparation 30 minutes, electrophoresis 45 minutes, staining 60 minutes, destaining overnight.

Kit includes: instructions, protein samples, gel loading solution, agarose, electrophoresis buffer, Protein InstaStain®

All you need: horizontal electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, white light visualization system, adjustable micropipette with tips, microwave oven or hot plate, waterbath, metric rulers, lab glassware, methanol, glacial acetic acid, distilled or deionized water.