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Edvotek 211 kit

Dangerous or Delicious: Using Chromatography to Examine Vaping - Edvotek 211

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Vaping is rising in popularity but many of its health effects are unknown. In this experiment, students become medical researchers and investigate the chemical contents of three simulated e-liquids using thin layer chromatography.

• Explore the health risks of e-cigarettes and vaping
• Investigate the chemical contents of three simulated e-liquids
• Perform Thin Layer Chromatography
• Introduce chromatographic theory using two different solvent systems

For 8 groups of students.

Time required: Spotting Plates - 20 minutes | TLC Separation - 5 minutes.

Kit includes: Instructions, samples, reagents and solvents, cellulose thin layer plates, 15mL tubes, & microcentrifuge tubes.

All you need: 250 ml beakers, metric rulers, pencils, gloves & safety goggles.