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Edvotek 192 Forensics Antigen Detection
Edvotek 192 Forensics Antigen Detection

Forensics Antigen Detection - Edvotek 192

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An athletic young woman and her cat live alone in a penthouse. Last seen during an afternoon jog, her worried friends report her as missing to the police following two days of absence. Upon entering her apartment, the detectives happen across the cat, which lies deceased in a pool of blood.

However, a thin trail of blood leads from the cat to the bed of his owner. The detective concludes that both the cat and his owner were brutally murdered and that during the hasty cover-up and disposal of the woman's body, the intruder overlooked this trail of blood. In an effort to determine if the blood came from the cat or a human, the detective collected samples of the blood surrounding the cat, as well as of the bloodstain leading to the bed.

In this Edvotek experiment, students will determine the validity of the hypothesis set forth by the detective.

For 10 groups of students.

Time required: Module I takes 35 minutes. Module II overnight incubation.

Kit includes: instructions, simulated control and crime scene blood samples, antigen/antibody detection reagents, microtitre plates, agarose, practice loading solution, Petri dishes, well-cutters.

All you need: distilled or deionized water, beakers, 37C incubation oven, disposable lab gloves, safety goggles, adjustable or fixed volume micropipettes (100 l) and tips recommended, plastic container, plastic wrap, pipettes - 5 or 10 ml, marking pen, measuring spatula or toothpicks, hot plate, Bunsen burner or microwave, waterbath.