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193 Forensics Enzymology - Edvotek

193 Forensics Enzymology - Edvotek

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In a head-on car crash, each driver claimed the other driver caused the accident by falling asleep at the wheel. The two passengers, one from each car, were critically injured, yet the drivers walked away with barely a scratch. Upon arrival at the local hospital, one of the passengers succumbed to his injuries and the accident is now a case of vehicular manslaughter.

The attending doctor completed a thorough examination of the two drivers by collecting blood and urine samples, as well as by taking their temperature. The doctor saved the disposable plastic mouthpiece and tongue depressor used during the examination, knowing that sleep deprivation causes the level of saliva amylase to increase in humans.

Students will determine the level of saliva amylase for the two drivers to discover who was responsible for the accident using this exciting Edvotek kit.

For 10 groups of students.

Time required: Modules I and II take 45 minutes each.

Kit includes: instructions, simulated control and driver saliva samples, starch, HCl, Iodine, and detection solutions, transfer pipettes, microtitre plates, microtest tubes.

All you need: test tube racks, lab permanent markers, test tubes, beakers, distilled water.