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Edvotek 604  Electrophoresis Reagent Package with FlashBlue Stain

604 Edvotek Electrophoresis Reagent Package with FlashBlue Stain

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This Electrophoresis Reagent package contains enough reagents to perform up to 40 electrophoresis experiments with the Edvotek Electrophoresis Apparatus Model M6, M12 or M36 based upon an agarose gel concentration of 0.8%.

The Edvotek proprietary formulation of FlashBlue™ staining solutions makes a total of 1.2 liters of working stain. Enough gel loading solution is provided to prepare 125 samples (40µl each) for electrophoresis.

Package Contains:

  • UltraSpec-Agarose™ (10 grams)
  • 100 ml Electrophoresis Buffer (50x)
  • 0.5 ml Gel Loading (10x) Solution with tracking dye (enough for 5 ml of samples).
  • FlashBlue™ stain (for 1.2 L)