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207 Southern Blot Analysis

Southern Blot Analysis - Edvotek 207

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This Edvotek experiment introduces your students to Southern blotting as a tool for "DNA Fingerprinting" in a hypothetical paternity determination. DNA fragments are first separated by agarose gel electrophoresis, then transferred to a nylon membrane and finally visualized by staining.

For 5 groups of students.

Time required: electrophoresis 45 minutes, blotting overnight and staining & destaining 10 minutes.

Kit includes: instructions, DNA samples for electrophoresis, practice gel loading solution, UltraSpec-Agarose™, electrophoresis buffer, pipets, 5 pre-cut nylon membranes, 5 pre-cut blotting filter papers, Blue-Blot DNA Stain™.

All you need: electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, 65º C Waterbath, DNA visualization system, staining net & tray, automatic micropipets, lab glassware, microwave or hot plate, distilled water, NaCl, NaOH, concentrated HCl, plastic wrap, forceps.