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Edvotek 203 Isolation of E. coli Chromosomal DNA

Isolation of E. coli Chromosomal DNA - Edvotek 203

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Isolation of high molecular weight chromosomal DNA is the first step in molecular cloning since it is the source of genes in cells.

This Edvotek experiment provides DNA extraction LyphoCells and reagents for isolating chromosomal DNA from E. coli. After spooling from solution, the DNA can be dissolved and analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis as an optional lab extension activity.

For 20 DNA isolations and 5 gels

Time required: 1 hour 45 minutes.

Kit includes: instructions, Chromosomal LyphoCells™, various solutions and buffers, agarose powder, FlashBlue™ Stain.

All you need: waterbath, pipet pumps or bulbs, lab glassware, distilled or deionized water, 95-100% isopropanol.

For optional electrophoresis: electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, automatic micropipet with tips, balance, microwave oven or hot plate, misc. labware, white light visualization system, and photodocumentation system.